Looking back at my Year in Books 2018

2018 is coming to an end and that means a whole new year for reading! I surpassed my reading goal of 40 books and managed 62 which I’m super happy with – I never expected to manage a book a week let alone any more! I like to set my goal fairly low so I’m not left disappointed if I can’t reach it so I’ll probably keep it at 40 for 2019 too. Here’s my goodreads summary for my year in books:

2018 books

So what has 2018 brought me? Well it brought me the beginning of rotations and the start of my final year at uni. Rotations is where we spend just over a year doing a series of one or two week placements in the different areas of veterinary. So far I’ve done neutering, consulting, equine placements, a farm placement in Hampshire, anaesthesia, medicine to name a few. It’s been tough with some highs and lows, but it’s also been really enjoyable with my favourite rotations being medicine, a placement at the Blue Cross and a week of emergency. I’ve only got six months left of my course and I really, really hope I manage to pass my exams next year and finally qualify!

Back in January, I managed to pass my practical driving test and have actually been driving on my own this year which was super scary but gradually getting a little easier each time. I’ve also discovered some brilliant films (finally watched the Back to the Future films for the first time – I can’t believe I waited this long!!!) and read some awesome books.

So what have I been reading?





There are also two more that have been missed off because I haven’t actually marked them off as read yet! One is the A Poem for Every Night of the Year and the other is Winter Magic which I have just a few more chapters to go but will have finished by the year is up!

This year, I’ve finally started some series I’ve been wanting to read for ages, namely the Shatter Me series and Poison Study. At long last I’ve read the classic Little Women and read some brilliant fantasy books. My favourite books I’ve read this year have to be: A Curse So Dark and LonelyThe Afterlife of Holly ChaseThe Other Side of LostLittle WomenUnravel MeThe Last Namsara and King’s Cage.

There have been a few books I read that I found disappointing like Life and DeathFire StudyTangleweed and Brine and Damsel. I’m glad to say there were more books that I enjoyed than not, there are always going to be some books that you don’t enjoy – it’s part and parcel of reading!

So looking back, it’s been a great year for reading and I’m going to set my goal at maybe 45 this time because I think I can get passed it but I don’t want to set it too high and stress myself because I’m not reaching a quantitative goal! Reading is about doing as much or as little as you enjoy and not quantity but quality. However I do have a lot on my TBR so I do need to set myself a goal and stick to it so I can cut it down!

Thank you all SO much for following my blog and taking the time to read my posts – I really appreciate it! I hope you have all had a great year for reading and in life as well. Goodbye 2018 and hello 2019.

Happy New Year, bookworms x

Two Festive Book Recommendations to read before the New Year

HAPPY CHRISTMAS BOOKWORMS!!! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, spent time with friends and family and ate loads of delicious food! No matter where you were and who you were with, I hope you had a good day doing what made you happy. I know Christmas can be a tough time of year for some, so don’t worry if you didn’t have a great day because soon it will be the new year and 2018 will be firmly in the past. It’s scary how quick this year went, but have no fear, I have two more festive reads to recommend to you today to delve into during this blessed lull between Christmas and New Year. It can be quite sad to say goodbye to Christmas after all that excitement and preparation, or maybe you’re glad to see the back of it and want to enjoy a few days of quiet, or perhaps you’re back to work and it’s hectic! Personally, I adore Christmas and it’s always sad to see it go and give way to January, so here are two books to help cling onto that Christmas spirit and give a little nod goodbye to the season.

One Day in DecemberImage result for one day in december

Author: Josie Silver
Publisher: Penguin
Pages: 417
Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

One day in December, Laurie sees a man through a bus window – possibly the one for her. For the best part of the year, Laurie can’t get this man out of her head and yearns to find him, and luck has it, she does. Only he’s the boyfriend of her best friend and roommate, Sarah.

This book is set over ten years with brief visits to the month of Christmas so it’s a great book to read just before New Year whilst still being just that little bit festive as it begins and ends on the season. It’s moreish and so easy to keep reading. It’s amazing to see how the characters change over the years and is quite a realistic yet beautiful romance to lose yourself in. I was surprised how much I loved it; it’s not all perfect characters and fairy tale romances, it has a more real life feel to it which makes all the more for a better story.

The Afterlife of Holly ChaseImage result for the afterlife of holly chase

Author: Cynthia Hand
Publisher: Harper Teen
Pages: 416
Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I loved this book! An absolutely perfect read for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but still something you can get stuck into the few days after Christmas to hold onto that spirit. Holly Chase, a Scrooge through and through, is visited by the three Ghosts of Past, Present and Future. Fast forward in time, and Holly is the new Ghost of Christmas Past and it’s her job to help Scrooge’s turn their lives around before their imminent demise where Holly failed to do so.

A brilliant book based on the classic Christmas tale, A Christmas Carol, it reminds us what’s most important in life and that sometimes people just need a second chance. It’s super Christmassy but with that tinge of sadness over the lost soul that is Holly. I absolutely loved it and I’m sure it will be a firm favourite of mine to read in Christmasses to come.

What books have you read this Christmas? I hope you got some books of Santa like I did and have lots of reading material to get you through the next couple of wintery months! I’ll be posting my end of year review in a few days where I look back over 2018 with my favourite and not so favourite books. Can’t wait to discuss my favourite books with you all! Happy reading, bookworms x

Some Christmas reads for December and the New Year

Hi everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t posted for a few weeks – it’s been a bit busy with uni at the moment and I’ve had to do some placements back home so I’ve been travelling back and forth a fair bit. It can get exhausting and expensive because I now have no money left in between travelling and the inevitable Christmas present-buying! But I am finally all done now and nearly have everything wrapped. I’ve been listening to endless Christmas songs (Magic FM 100% is the radio station this Christmas!) but I still have some films on my list to watch!

So what have I been reading recently? Well I’ve had a good few fantasy books with a 2019 release that had me falling in love with some amazing story-telling and characters! See my review post of the wonderful A Curse So Dark and Lonely here. I’ve also read an autobiography and a very strange book of dark fairy tales. But this post today is all about CHRISTMAS READS! Because it’s CHRISTMASSSSSS!!! I’ve finally picked up a nice December romance that I’m currently about half way through and loving. And because it’s Christmas and I’m currently listening to Michael Bublé as I’m writing this, I thought I’d make a Christmas book recommendation post for you *cue Holly Jolly Christmas* And just for some holiday fun, see if you can spot how many Christmas song titles I reference in my Christmas recommendations!

A Gift to RememberImage result for a gift to remember book

I read this gorgeous little book Last Christmas and it’s a wonderful Christmas romance which involves a bookshop in Manhattan, a husky and a good bout of temporary amnesia. Darcy, a bookworm and daydreamer, literally sweeps a man right off his feet and he lands up in hospital. His dog is left all alone and Darcy immediately sets about atoning for her guilt as she tries to help the man she knocked down to regain his memory of who he is back to himself.

This is a fairy tale-like Christmas romance that’s sure to get you in the spirit.



Christmas at Mistletoe Cottage
Image result for christmas at mistletoe cottage

The second in the Hope Meadows series based of the children’s series Animal Ark, Mandy Hope is now a vet in her home village in Yorkshire and has set up her animal rescue centre – a dream she has had since she was little. There’s plenty of festive cheer with goats called Ruldoph and little baby donkeys! This adorable tale of a vet in winter is sure to keep you warm on a Cold December Night. It’s perfect for reading by the fire, curled up in an armchair with maybe a cat or dog lay within stroking distance.




My True Love Gave to MeImage result for my true love gave to me book

A book full of young adult short stories centred around the holidays ranging from Christmas to Hanukkah with plenty or romance to go around. There are twelve short festive stories written by twelve different young adult authors, giving you the chance to read some of your favourites and maybe discover some new ones! It’s a book you’re sure to love finding Underneath the Tree this Christmas Time. I think this is the perfect book to read after Christmas has passed and there’s the quiet lull until new year.




Christmas at the Cat CafeImage result for christmas at the cat cafe

Step Into Christmas with a book told from the view point of a cat called Molly! Molly’s cosy little lifestyle in a cafe with her kittens is threatened when Debbie’s, the owner of the cat cafe, sister comes to stay. It was different from anything I’ve read but sure to fill you with cosy Christmas cheer as you read a tale of love, loss and miracles at Christmas.







Let me know your festive reads! I’m currently reading One Day in December after seeing it advertised on Reese’s Book Club on instagram and I’m glad I picked it up! It’s about a woman who lives in London and sees the potential one-for-her through a bus window one day and after a year of thinking about him, he suddenly pops back into her life. It’s just what I wanted to read before Christmas but I’ve got a couple more Christmassy reads I want to fit in before the year is up! Stand by for the final post of 2018 as I look back over my favourite books this year – I can’t believe how quick 2018 has gone!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve read any of these or if you have any Christmas recommendations! I hope you all have a lovely Christmas however you’re celebrating and if this year is a tough time for you, I hope you are okay and feel free to comment and talk to me should you need. I’d like to remind you all that Sarah Millican does a Christmas campaign for people lonely this Christmas. Simply follow the hash tag #joinin and don’t be on your own this Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!